As we found in 2016, these days winning elections takes a lot more than a media buy and showing up on CNN.

G&B offers an array of modern tools to help you craft your message and deliver it to voters with pinpoint accuracy.



With all the noise out there, how much do your constituents really know about you?  Your values?  Your causes?  Do they even know your name?  Are their perceptions reality?  The only way to know is to ask.

G&B has a full spectrum of research tools to find out exactly who your message resonates with and where they are.

Research Services

  • Survey Design
  • Sample Design
  • Survey Administration
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Validation
  • Tabulations & Cross Tabs
  • Action Items
  • Final Report and Executive Summary
  • Web or In-Person Presentation

Perception is reality.  Is what you’re saying resonating with your audience?  Is your message breaking through the noise? 

Is one way of saying something better than another in terms of hitting the right hot buttons?  You don’t have to guess. 

Efficient and effective quick message testing on an ongoing basis can make sure you’re hitting the right target. 

Do you REALLY know what’s important to your target voter?  How about individual constituencies within the large base you need to win? 

Is health care as important to 18-24s as it is to those 55+? 

How about voter suppression? 

Does everyone feel the same about that? 

You can only effectively focus your message to each audience if you’re sure of what they care about – and you have answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

In a fragmented world, you must make sure that you spend your money as efficiently as possible.  Targeting.  Messaging.  Issues focus.  Optimizing these things will allow you to stretch your limited marketing budget and create the coalitions you need to win.

Who is most likely to work for your cause? 

Who is most likely to contribute? 

What hot buttons do you need to hit to make sure you reach the right people at the right time? 

You can only know if you have a full understanding of your potential core activists.

Knowledge is power.  G&B’s research toolkit gives you an in-depth look into your target audience’s mind. 

If you know what they know, if you want what they want, if what’s important to them is what’s important to you, the odds of victory, action, change go up geometrically.


We match your offline voter lists to G&B’s 170MM unique anonymized voter profiles, then model matching records to find others (lookalikes) who strongly correlate from a data standpoint. From there, we serve both video and display ads to the matched list.

We also identify content consumption patterns of specific voter segments utilizing URL-based data. For example, if our target audience is consuming specific articles about gun regulation as a result of an unfortunate event in the news, we can then reach the appropriate voter segments while they’re consuming that related content. As long as the page can serve programmatic ads, we can track those users’ content consumption and retarget them with customized creative on similar stories.

Then, we leverage G&B's dynamic GOTV location-based ad units to remain top-of-mind during early voting and on election day. These exclusive Get Out The Vote ads incorporate interactive maps to help you project a sense of urgency and make it easy for your voters to find their way to their designated polling place. 

Who must be engaged?  Where are they?  How do we reach them?  What messaging works best to reach them?  How do we motivate them to action?  Our research feeds the answers to each of these questions, and our marketing team knows just how to reach them. The days of marketing buckshot are over. Our ability to laser-focus each message to individuals – not “populations” – will make sure to hit voter hot buttons.

  • Geo-targeting
  • Age – Ethnicity – Gender
  • Voter List Profiling
  • Voter Activation
  • Retargeting Opportunities

G&B prioritizes digital ad spend on the channels that allow us to reach and convert the best prospects into voters. 

We will deploy multi-screen marketing across the digital channels that make the most efficient use of your budget based on G&B’s proprietary, ongoing research.

Using data modeling, we can further broaden the reach of your campaign, not just to your voter lists, but people that look like them from a data standpoint.

Why we like data modeling:

  • District-level targeting accuracy
  • Voter matching & Lookalike audiences
  • Audience segmentation
  • Real-time Voter Motivations & Insights
  • Proprietary Data Matching
  • Target Individuals Not Just Devices

Households & Voters

Whereas IP-address-matched devices must be within the “fence” to get targeted, GeoConquested devices using voter lists can be targeted anywhere once they've passed through the fence.


Establish a geofence around any campaign event or rally, polling place or political conference & convention for the purpose of retargeting messaging on mobile devices.

Our ability to target household-by-household offers budget efficiency for you. Mail goes only to households that meet targeting criteria.

Different households can get different pieces with different (and resonant) messaging, and we can even differentiate by the person. (E.g. Mom & Dad get a message about healthcare or preserving Social Security; the 18-24 student in the household hears about reproductive rights and/or dealing with student debt.)

Just as we target in digital marketing, direct mail can work the same way for you to deliver the best results at the lowest possible cost.

For political advertising and marketing, the telephone is still an available option. Because it’s “interruption” marketing, we advise using it sparingly. But sometimes, it’s the right technique to reach housebound, older voters and others who might still be responsive to telephone interaction. 

If this is a consideration, we would recommend focusing on home phones. While illegal for most marketing, robocalls are still legal for political campaigns. We can do them. We can do info-only or data capture live calls as well.


Campaign Consultation

Our team includes marketers, researchers, former candidates, liberal clergy, project managers and digital experts.  We’re happy to work with you to build your platform from the ground up, assuring integrity and consistency every step along the way.

The words you choose.  The story you tell.  The messages you send.  Audio.  Video.  Print.  All are vital in terms of building your image and your platform.  We’ve done it.  We do it.  And we’d love to do it for you. 

How you get your message out to your target audience is a function of what you know about them and how much money you have to spend.  Our research hones in on specific targets.  Our marketing techniques make sure that the right people are reached.  Our experience and expertise assures that your budget is optimized.

Why are you in the race?  What in your background propelled you to this moment?  How can you best communicate your story?  With two former candidates and expert wordsmiths and coaches on our team, we can help you create the most compelling story to reach the hearts and minds of potential voters and contributors. 

We began using our marketing and research skills to create change in a field that we’re passionate about.  We’re concerned about the lack of integrity and character we are witnessing in politics in 2020.  If we do what we always did, we’ll get what we always got, and that’s just not okay.  We have an on-staff “conscience” in Robert Barr; rabbi, teacher and ethnics consultant to law schools and universities.  Values are what drives our business.  We would love to share them with you.

Our team can work with branding experts to develop your look and style and incorporate everything about you graphically.  We work with graphics experts to help create logos, artwork and other graphic needs.

Our experience in media gives us a leg up in audio and video production.  TV doesn’t have to cost $20K a pop anymore.  It’s not the way to reach your goal and it’s a way to spend a lot of money with minimal results.  Tap into our expertise to generate useful content for everything from :15-second pre-roll to full-on podcasts.  Done right.  On-time.  Within your budget constraints.


Your site serves as your digital hub from which all messages, campaigns, and fundraising activities both start and end.

It's also the most effective channel to build email and text lists and provide the vital one-to-one communication that drives participation and wins elections.

G&B's digital team has overseen the development of literally thousands of websites across multiple industries.  Let us know how we can help you.


Website Services

  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Integrations with Third Party Systems

According to Pew Research, 96% of Americans own a mobile phone.

On the young end, mobile use far outstrips desktop.  If you want to reach potential voters, you'll need to do it on a mobile phone.

Apps are a great way to mobilize people for events, distribute content, and drive fundraising goals.  A responsive website is a good start, but a native app brings it to a whole new level.

App Services

  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Swift and Objective C
  • Java
  • iOS/Android

WordPress is the most commonly used content management system on the internet.  Campaigns, media companies, and businesses of all sizes use it to power their digital presence.

Our Digital team has been working with WordPress for over a decade and has deployed plugins, themes, security fixes, and done speed and stability enhancements for some of the highest traffic WordPress websites in the world.


WordPress Services

  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom Themes
  • Security Audit and Hardening
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Integrations with other Software

With the right software and equipment, it's possible to produce a professional looking broadcast with just a laptop and a few cameras.

G&B offers end to end streaming services starting with a crew on site, master control, and distribution to whatever endpoints you need including Facebook, YouTube, TV, or anywhere else.

Streaming Services

  • Graphics and Overlays
  • Bumpers and Produced Elements
  • Motion Graphics
  • Multi-Destination Streaming
  • Live Metadata Injection
  • Encoding & Transcoding
  • Secure "Members Only" Broadcasts

Many Americans have abandoned traditional media altogether.  This means radio and TV are no longer effective ways to meet them.

Podcasts provide a way to access segments of the population that have simply dropped out of the mainstream media.

From creation to production to distribution, no one knows more about podcasting and pro-audio than G&B.

Podcasting Services

  • Studio Services
  • Audio Processing & Mixing
  • Music and Production
  • Topics and Show Prep
  • Distribution and Placement
  • Guest Booking