This group came together from different places and paths because of a shared passion for progressive politics.

Frankly, 2016 was a
traumatic experience...

As individuals, we knew that we had to do something besides sit on the periphery, watching the country we love go sideways. We chose to join forces and merge skills from politics, business, ethics, academia and philosophy to create a unique company that offers more and does things differently than most others in the space.

Together, we bring intelligence, experience, passion and collaboration to political and humanitarian cause promotion and communication. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts. Together, we stand up to be heard. We are professionals and practitioners–and we NEVER forget why we're doing this.

Executive Team


Carolyn Gilbert

Carolyn Gilbert is a media executive and preeminent market research and expert marketing strategist with more than 30 years experience.

Robert Barr

Only the third Rabbi in history to run for Congress, Barr had a significant impact during his run and beyond, raising nearly a quarter of a million dollars in his first few months in the race.

Rob Richardson

Strategic Ally
Engineer. Attorney. Candidate. University Board President. Advocate. Podcaster. Rob brings years of experience and a flair for content to the team.

Mike O'Connor

EVP Marketing
Works with research and operations teams to develop and implement creative, custom solutions that keep you ahead of competitor capabilities with a relentless focus on your campaign KPIs

Russ Gilbert

EVP Digital
A 25 year digital veteran, Russ has held VP roles at media companies such as Tribune, iHeart, and Air America Radio. He has been involved in the development of thousands of websites and dozens of apps.

Leigh Jacobs

EVP Research Analysis
Work with campaigns and organizations to gain consumer insights to generate results. Continually strives to increase G&B's knowledge of consumers.

Lisa Cobert

EVP Research Operations
Lisa has worked creating and analyzing research data for over 15 years, and has a commitment to excellence, precision and efficiency. We think she’s the best systems manager in the industry.

Eric Cohen

EVP Finance
Eric is the glue and is all knowing. From our New York City office, Eric deals with all phases of business operations. He keeps us legal, counts the beans and makes sure we pay stuff on time.

Erin Gabbard

VP Systems &   Operations
Works with the sales and project management teams to execute your campaigns in a timely and reliable fashion.

PJ Kling

VP Product & Business Development
Always looking for new and better ways to serve our clients. Ready to see what our capabilities are? He’s your man.

Amrita Mangat

VP Data Management & Administration
Works with the research team to ensure that our superb online data collection engine provides you with the first-rate research our clients require.