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Breaking through the clutter in today's world is harder than ever, and the old playbook doesn't win elections anymore.

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How Talk Radio’s Navel Gazing Has Come Close to Destroying an Industry – And What We Can Learn from Them

The only guarantee is change.  You have the option of growing or shrinking, because nothing stays the same.  Work with forward thinking partners to get beyond what was and build an expanding future, using current technology and thinking ahead.

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Politics: Where Do Americans Stand

Remember that if a lie spoken a thousand times becomes truth, the only way to counter it is by speaking the truth FIVE thousand times.

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No Answer is the Wrong Answer

G&B’s research, conducted in May, confirms if people don’t recognize the phone number, they won’t answer their phones.  Only 16% of the 14-64 population have landlines and will answer all calls.  Thus, 84% will either ignore a call, or live in cellphone-only households.

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Media Consumption – some surprises in the new Millennium among Millennials

Your campaign or cause begins competition in the wider new media stage with huge advantages: lower costs to reach data-driven potential voters or contributors, constant access via ubiquitous devices, and more; and the ability to build strong voter/contributor expectations of what they’ll get (okay, many are good, some not).

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